Our Partners

Project Partners

Skills Sprint is a groundbreaking initiative powered with the support of Google.org, in collaboration with esteemed partners MindtheGap, Data Science Nigeria/DSNai, and CIIFA. Discover the program details and meet our visionary partners.

On the Job Digital Onboarders​

On The Job Digital Onboarders is implemented by MindtheGap, seeks to empower young people not in education, employment or training with 21st century relevant digital skills that they need to access jobs opportunities or start their own businesses, and support MSMEs across Nigeria for economic growth.

Arewa Ladies4Tech

Arewa Ladies4Tech, an intervention of Data Science Nigeria/DSNai, is dedicated to empowering the women of Northern Nigeria, inspiring them to lead, innovate, and shape a brighter future. Our program focuses on harnessing the potential of the evolving digital landscape, offering essential AI skills that unlock limitless opportunities in today’s  digital era.

Engage Nigeria

Engage Nigeria is a CIIFA-led program that will teach creative Nigerians valuable skills in music business and production, live production, cinematography, videography, content production, animation, and graphic design. The program will be divided into two cohorts, each hosted in strategic locations in Nigeria.